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Can’t Help Falling In Love – chords and tabs

To everyone that asked for chords and tabs for this one – sorry that this took a little longer than planned, but here they are! Capo: 5th fret Intro (x2) C G E| ——————————— B| –1—-1———-0—-0——— G| ———-0—————0—— D| ————-2—————-0– A| –3–3————————— E| ——————3–3———– Verses Wise men C Em E| ————————————— B| –1——–1———0——–0——– G| ——–0—–0——————0—– Read More

Boss RC-30 loop station – review/demo – using dual tracks and comparison with the RC-20

I’ve just got my hands on the Boss RC-30 loop pedal. I did a quick “out of the box” review/demo. You can see my first impressions and thoughts on the pedal here: I’ve now used the RC-30 out on the road a couple of times, and it’s already improved my live performances massively! A huge Read More